Award Winning
Performance Storyteller
and Coach

Performance Storytelling - The Spoken Word at its Most Powerful

“In a world where communication
is the path to success,
words matter”

Performance Storytelling means arresting the attention, interest and curiosity of your listener on a given subject from start to finish.

Performance Storytelling means speaking with your hands, your body and your voice; engaging with your audience and targeting their needs with maximum impact.

Learning to tell a compelling story is central to mastering the art of great communication. It is an investment that pays off time and time again through convincing delivery, impactful presentations, successful interviews and winning pitches.

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About Anna

Anna Wedlock is a multi award winning Performance Storyteller. She has worked as a Coach and Performance Storyteller over the last twenty years. Anna is based in London and works internationally. She provides both in person and online training utilising bespoke storytelling techniques to equip clients of any age, background, profession with powerful performance and delivery skills.

I am passionate about the transformational power of storytelling and the impact of storytelling training in your career, business and personal development.

I work as a Professional Speaker, Coach and Performer within a range of spheres: Corporate, Academic, Cultural.

I am based in Putney, London and also work internationally providing both in person and online storytelling training courses and performance development.

My approach is highly practical, focussed and tailored to suit the individual needs of my clients. My aim is to ensure that results go over and above what you set out to achieve while having a lot of fun in the process.

What I Offer

Anna offers specialised practical training courses to provide clients with impactful, key storytelling principles that they will be able to apply immediately with instant results.  The training works by harnessing each individual’s unique communicative expression and enabling clients to create content that is focussed, entertaining, informative and memorable.

Anna’s courses will dramatically develop the way you prepare, visualise, and deliver your performance. She delivers personal and practical training with passion and energy so you learn rapidly while having fun. By the end of the training the client is able to deliver a lecture, present, pitch, advertise, negotiate, network with impact and confidence whether in person or online.

Storytelling Training


Storytelling Training


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